Jim Bognet Takes Matt Cartwright to Task with Latest Ad

Jim Bognet Takes Matt Cartwright to Task with Latest Ad

_“Changed” Highlights High-Flying Matt Cartwright’s Support for Taxes on Social Security and the “Defund the Police” Agenda

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HAZLETON - Today, Jim Bognet, the Republican Nominee for Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional District, released a new television ad. The ad rips Matt Cartwright for his support for higher taxes on Social Security and to defund the police, all while he flies to secret vacation homes in his private plane.

The ad, entitled “Changed,” begins airing on broadcast television throughout the 8th Congressional District today.

“Today’s Democratic party has changed into a far-left and radical party,” said Bognet. “Rather than stand tall against this new party’s socialist, anti-police agenda, Matt Cartwright locks arms with Nancy Pelosi while flying his private plane to his secret vacation homes where he hides from debating me on these issues. It’s time for the hard-working people of the 8th District to send Cowardly Cartwright on a permanent vacation to his Lake George home and send true representation to Congress.”


VOICE-OVER: Remember this?

BILL CLINTON: “The era of big government is over.”

VOICE-OVER: Matt Cartwright and Democrats have changed a lot since then.

Today Democrats want to eliminate private health insurance and raise our taxes.

And Cartwright backs higher taxes on social security.

He’s even for defunding the police.

MATT CARTWRIGHT: “Absolutely, Yes”

VOICE-OVER: COVID wreaks havoc.

Matt Cartwright, he flies private to Washington.

Time for a change.

JIM BOGNET: I’m Jim Bognet, and I approve this message.