Jim Bognet Releases Statement on Recent Riots and Antifa

Hazleton, PA - Monday, Jim Bognet issued the following statement in response to the riots, looting, and Antifa’s involvement as discord spreads.

“America must come together and heal the wounds of division. Everyone has a right to protest and rally for redress of grievances, as guaranteed by the First Amendment of our Constitution. No one has the right to assault business owners, burn down police stations, or incite a mob to beat a fellow citizen. I condemn Antifa and other outside groups that are throwing fuel on the fire, and are turning peaceful protests into violent riots,” Jim Bognet said. “President Trump was right to designate Antifa a terrorist organization and to make federal resources available to assist local police forces. Big city mayors and governors must step up, and move forcefully to restore peace to the streets of our major cities, and jail the agents of terrorist groups like Antifa. Americans deserve and demand law, order, and safety.”