Jim Bognet Launches New Television Ad . . . In Portland, Oregon?

Jim Bognet Launches New Television Ad … In Portland, Oregon?

Bognet’s Latest Ad Invites Non-Rioting Portlandia to Relocate To Northeast Pennsylvania

HAZLETON, PA – Tonight, as unchecked mobs continue to destroy the city of Portland, Oregon, hardworking families looking for relief watching the 6pm news on Portland CBS affiliate KOIN will see something they’ve never seen before; a political ad from Republican Jim Bognet, who is running for Congress in the 8th District of Pennsylvania.


In the ad, entitled “Good Luck Portland,” Bognet speaks directly to residents frustrated with the rioting and anarchy on the streets and suggests that they move to Northeast Pennsylvania. In a nod to the hit show “The Office,” based in Scranton, Bognet highlights Northeast Pennsylvania’s “mid-sized paper industry” as well as its love of the police and everything Made in America.

“I heard Portland was having some problems. So I wanted to tell the folks there that there is a solution: move to Northeast Pennsylvania,” said Bognet. “Around here we are focused on family, hard work, and Made in America. And we love our law enforcement community.”

“To the good people of Portland that are appalled at what their city has become, I say come to Northeast Pennsylvania - where people walk into stores to buy things, not to loot and burn them down.”

Script for “Good Luck, Portland!” (TV :60)

Jim Bognet: Good evening Portland!

I’ve heard you’ve been having a few issues.

Something about peaceful gatherings, interruptions to business, and local citizens dissatisfied with your leadership.

I’m Jim Bognet – a candidate for Congress here in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

If you’re a family or a business living in Portland, Oregon who is leaning towards leaving for whatever reason.

Consider Northeast PA. We’re all about Made in America, we’re known for our mid-sized paper industry, and around here we love the police.

Well, maybe not our current Congressman.

But I’ll be taking care of him real soon.

Please go to the website below to learn more.

We won’t tolerate any of that horse**** around here.

Give us a look Portland

Good bye, and good luck!

I’m Jim Bognet, and I approve this message.