Create Good Jobs

The people of Northeast Pennsylvania are hardworking and resilient. They deserve more job opportunities and better-paying jobs. Through increased business taxes, regulation and red tape, Democrats in the House are stifling job growth and economic development. Having started and run a small business, I know how hard it can be to make ends meet. Pennsylvanians know it too, but Democrats in Congress do not.

Northeast Pennsylvania was built through hard work. By getting government out of the way, we can create good jobs, with good wages, for working people. This area was built by people like my grandfather working in coal mines, contractors like my dad building schools, or our neighbors working at manufacturing companies. I will push to cut regulations, support small businesses, and create jobs in NEPA so our children can stay here to work and live.

Stop Illegal Immigration and Fix Biden’s Border Crisis

There is a crisis at our southern border. We need to end illegal immigration and clean up Biden’s weak border policies which have resulted in a flood of illegal immigrants. We must resume President Trump’s strong border policies and demand funding from Congress to finish the wall, hire more Border Patrol agents, and increase interior enforcement.

The Biden-Harris-Cartwright agenda has failed the American people and their refusal to act has only made the problem worse. Biden’s open border policies have allowed cartels to use the border to bring in drugs that poison our citizens. We know the damage illegal immigration can do to communities and I will fight to stop the surge of illegal immigration under Biden.

Secure Our Elections

The United States is supposed to be the gold standard for democracy, and we must have fair elections to live up to our Constitution. Election Integrity should not be a blue or red issue; every American deserves fair and honest elections. Unfortunately, some liberal politicians in Pennsylvania like Tom Wolf and former Sec. of State Kathy Boockvar used COVID as a way to manipulate our election in 2020, allow non-secure mail-in ballots, and create an election environment vulnerable to dirty tricks and outright fraud.

I have fought against Tom Wolf and Kathy Boockvar all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court over the mail-in vote in Pennsylvania. I have continued to push to secure our elections and audit the 2020 vote. I will fight to require a strong voter-ID for all ballots, and audit the vote. No drop boxes, no non-signature verified mail-in ballots, and no more rigged elections!

Defend Our Second Amendment Rights

Our Founding Fathers believed Second Amendment rights were central to preventing tyranny and an oppressive central government. Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and their liberal friends want to take those rights away. Their gun-grabbing policies endanger the Constitution and make our communities less safe.

I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, and I will fight to protect each American’s right to bear arms. Second Amendment protections are especially important to women, and I will fight to make sure they can defend themselves and their homes by exercising their fundamental constitutional rights. In Congress, I will work tirelessly to guarantee that law-abiding citizens maintain the right to protect themselves and their families.

STOP the Tax and Spending Avalanche

President Trump’s administration passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in 2017 which bolstered the U.S. economy, helped small businesses grow, and returned money into the pockets of hardworking Americans across the country. Democrats today are fighting to reverse historic progress by spending trillions of dollars on a socialist wish list that will increase taxes on the middle class and hurt businesses here in NEPA.

The Democrats’ spending spree has already caused sky-high inflation on many products and has increased the cost of gas at the pump to jaw-dropping numbers. I will never support a bill filled with trillions of dollars of woke nonsense and tax increases. I will fight against the Democrats proposed tax increases and push for lower taxes that will help small businesses thrive and bolster the middle class.

Improve Health Care

Every American deserves high quality health care they can afford. Democrats in Congress want to double down on the disaster that was Obamacare and usher in a new era of higher prices, less access and greater control by government bureaucrats. Socialized medicine is not the answer to our health care challenges.

In Congress, I will fight to protect Americans with pre-existing conditions, and make sure they are not denied insurance and health care. I will work to stop the skyrocketing increases brought on by Biden, Pelosi, and Cartwright’s doomed policies, ensuring every American has access to affordable health care. I believe that we need more transparency in health care pricing, and better cost controls throughout the system, while expanding options and choices for patients